Feb 05

10 Years Later … Change Management vs. Organization Development

Marshak chart

Well, we’re going on the 10 year anniversary of an important publication by Bob Marshak from AU-NTL. In Bradford & Burke’s Reinventing Organization Develop, Marshak wrote a chapter called “Contemporary Challenges to the Philosophy and Practice of Organization Development.” In the chapter, Marshak compared CM and OD, not from an evaluative frame (either/or), but from …

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Jan 20

Resistance to Change Tool


Since December, I’ve written 2 chapters that will appear in two different edited textbooks.  While writing a chapter for the 2nd edition of the Buono, Jamieson, and Barnett text Consultation for Organizational Change, I found two guys I want to call out because their work reflects the recent trend away from blaming change recipients, and …

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Jan 20

I’m back, part II


Well. When I posted in June to say that I was “back to work” after the Microsoft-Nokia immersion M&A engagement, I had planned on getting back to my normal blog schedule. Unfortunately, my dissertation proved grueling, and my back gave way the same day my PhD was conferred on October 31st.   So, with the …

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Oct 09

Study: Why Change Management Fails (& it’s not Resistance)

I presented my study results at the Midwest Academy of Management meeting last Friday in Minneapolis.   I think you will find the results very interesting.     Compliance (an individual performing the minimum effort so they do not get fired) outweighs Resistance to Change by more than a 2 to 1 margin.   So, …

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Sep 05

Beware of Pop-Science a.k.a. Change Management Best Practices


  So I saw an ad for a new “shortcut to organizational success” book that about drove me through the roof.  It may be a very fine book, but I do not at all like how it is being marketed.   It says forget the theories & references   Come again?   Did you say forget about …

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Aug 12

Kubler-Ross was WRONG (no proof)


Yeah, I already know this is going to be a tricky post.  Why?  Well, death and dying hits close to home for many of us, me included.  However, the Kubler-Ross model is NEITHER appropriate to use as an individual change model nor an individual loss model for someone grieving loss. I’d like to keep the …

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Aug 07

Change Formula – setting the record straight – part 2


Here is the first publication of the Change Formula that I have been able to locate after 5 years of online research.  It is from Beckhard (1975) in the Sloan Management Review:   Notice how it DOESN’T say “a formula I developed WITH David Gleicher.“   Next, take a look at the text from the …

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Aug 04

What about top leadership readiness?


I once facilitated a global leadership team meeting at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and had the privilege of working with James Belasco, the author of Flight of the Buffalo. In this book, Belasco made point that too much obedience is a BAD thing. Buffalo, when scared,would actually follow the buffalo in front of them …

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Jul 30

New Change Management Failure Statistic: 53%


70%? 90% 80% What is the change management failure rate? Well, the latest and greatest from PMI says the answer is … 53% However, YOU need to read the fine print.  Here it is: Did you see that?  They surveyed 723 project managers. Again, I hate to beat a dead horse, but surveying project managers …

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Jul 28

Change Formula – setting the record straight: Part 1

change management equation wrong

Google Search If you do a search on Google or Yahoo image search for “The Change Formula,” you will find different flavors of the D x V x F > R model attributed to Gleicher, Beckhard, and Harris.  However, the attributions are mostly incorrect.  I even spoke to Beckhard ftf in ’98 and he told …

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